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Thread: Applying same DSP Effect to All Multi Encoders

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    Applying same DSP Effect to All Multi Encoders

    I prefer the way version 14.4 handled entering DSP effects that apply to every multi-encoder. Version 17.7 took away a useful, more efficient means to do that. Can we bring back the ability to enter a DSP effect in the main page that then would apply to each multi-encoder? If I want the same values/effect on each multi-encoder, entering once is better than entering it on each page.

    After upgrading from ver 14.4 to 17.7 I can no longer apply one DSP to all encoders. I used this frequently in past especially Trim and Fade - where I want every recording to have the same Trim and Fade settings.

    With multi decoder in use, I could enter the Trim and Fade settings once on the main screen (at bottom by tapping the DSP tab and selecting Trim & Fade) in version 14.4.

    Now, when tapping the DSP tab I see: "<set DSP effects on each multi-encoder settings page>" (version 17.7). This is more tedious. I commonly have 4 encoders ripping simultanously and entering the same DSP effect on each page over and over introduces more opportunity for error when typing or clearing the settings in each encoder page.

    Can this be fixed by returning the old ability to enter a DSP setting in the main page that will then apply to every multi-encoder, as in version 14.4 and versions before that?

    OR is there another way to simply apply a DSP setting to all multi-encoders that I don't know about?
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