So, using dBpoweramp Reference [CD Ripper] on Windows 11... I have some questions about the "ID-Tag" that shows up as a tab in the Properties sheet of Windows Explorer:

-1) OK, this is on the "Audio Properties" tab - on my 2560x1440 display (with what used to be called "Large Fonts" scaling), not all of the tags show, i.e., this tab could benefit from a vertical scroll bar

0) I believe ID-Tag is also a dBpoweramp (or "illustrate"?) product?

1) Should I expect to be able to perform relatively simple editing of the file metadata [using ID-Tag], and on multiple files at once? My use case is after I finished ripping an album, I realized the album art was wrong (I hadn't been paying enough attention), and I wanted to replace it on the whole CD's set of ripped tracks... or am I supposed to purchase on of the other products (like PerfectTUNES) to do this?

2) If the above is not unreasonable, I have an anecdotal remark (NOT an official bug report): on R17.5 (or so) for Windows, I performed the above operation (selected ripped tracks 1-10) and had the ID-Tag tab replace the album art with a locally-sourced jpg... the result was that tracks 2-10 had the expected new album art, but track 1 was left with ONLY the metadata - the flac data was truncated!

I mention this problem largely to see if the author/dev of this functionality in dBpoweramp has seen the issue and already corrected it, given that it is two minor releases back... data loss is, of course, one of the Bad Things(tm) in software, and while I just re-ripped track 1 of the CD to restore my data, this could happen in circumstances that aren't as easily remedied (ripped CDs are in offsite storage, the CD the tracks came from was iffy and a re-rip might not work, etc).

I really hope this sounds familiar and that a fix has made its way into the code, as I am currently copying whole folders of rips back from the NAS to local storage, then performing the metadata edit(s), and then copying it all back to the NAS if things check out... a cumbersome process.

I should mention that I believe the ripped tracks were on a Windows file share pointing to my Synology NAS (I always rip directly to a RAM-drive, and then copy out to the NAS).

Finally, if I used the tools included with dBpoweramp Reference incorrectly, or I really should employ PerfectTUNES for operations like this, please let me know.