Can't get qAAC encoder to work unless I install AppleApplicationSupport.msi. I acquired the Apple encoder's files from here https://github.com/AnimMouse/QTFiles and placed the QTfiles64 folder besides the qAAC.exe but it doesn't work.

Now I installed the AppleApplicationSupport.msi and removed all the files it installs in C:\ProgramFiles\Comman Files then QTfiles64 placed next to qAAC.exe works.

But again when I remove AppleApplicationSupport from the control Panel it doesn't work.

I've done many tests and found that QTfiles64 has all the files needed to encode the AAC and it works from both locations i.e. next to qAAC.exe and in ProgramFiles\Comman Files but you have to have AppleApplicationSupport installed even if you afterwards remove all the files this AppleApplicationSupport installs.

Which draws the conclusion that it's not the needed files itself but something else AppleApplicationSupport installer does. Maybe Some Registry entries, or setting the path for the encoders location.

I don't want to install AppeApplicationSupport and just want to work with QTfiles64 placed next to qAAC encoder. Does anyone has any idea what is missing for this QTfiles64 to work?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.