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Thread: The cover image that Asset chooses to display

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    The cover image that Asset chooses to display

    I have a number of albums where individual tracks have their own cover art embedded into the FLAC file - specifically TV soundtrack collection sets, such as Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voyager, etc. The overall album cover art is then saved in the folder as Folder.jpg.

    When viewing albums in Hi-Fi cast - in Album view - the cover displayed seems to be chosen from one of the many, many embedded images rather than the Folder.jpg. Once chosen for use, that embedded image shows as the default in all views and searches.

    Not sure if this rule is being set by Asset (as sender) or Hi-Fi cast (as receiver) but is there any way to "force" Folder.jpg as the album cover even when numerous other images are embedded into individual tracks?
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    Re: The cover image that Asset chooses to display

    Almost all the kind of behavior is controlled by the client. It is possible you can tell the client(HiFiCast) to look for some particular tag and prioritize that file. I don't have an Android device on which to try that.

    (It is possible that you cannot tell the client what to choose and that it always chooses the file it sees tagged in a particular manner, in which case you would need to edit the data on your server.)

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