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Thread: Track 0, Hidden in the prep.

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    Track 0, Hidden in the prep.

    When a cd has a 'Track 0' hidden in the pre-gap, how does everyone number the album?

    Do you start with the hidden track as track 1?


    Do you put the hidden tack at the end?
    Album officially listed as 14 tracks. Hidden track as Track 15.


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    Re: Track 0, Hidden in the prep.

    I've only had 2 instances of this with the albums White Ladder & Reflektor, and I number them as track 0.
    To ensure that the album still verifies against AccurateRip and CTDB I create a CUE sheet that places that track back in the pregap of track 1 otherwise verification would fail e.g.

    FILE "01.00.flac" WAVE
      TRACK 01 AUDIO
        INDEX 00 00:00:00
    FILE "01.01.flac" WAVE
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
    (I name my tracks as [discnumber].[tracknumber])

    EDIT: Although having said that I don't think I'd actually looked at these albums in the control point!

    A few months ago I decided to split tracks that had multiple index points into individual files, mainly so I could tag the song/passage more accurately, so I think I'll probably use that for these too now.

    So as from about 10 minutes ago, I'll tag them both as track 1 with trackindexes (the tag trackindex) of 0 and 1. To get them to order correctly I have put the index number in the title, which results in something like:

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