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Thread: UPNP Server > SONOS > Play a entire folder

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    UPNP Server > SONOS > Play a entire folder

    Hi folks, I'm using the Asset Upnp as a server for my sonos system.
    I'm very happy with it, I'm just looking for a way to play an entire folder. All songs in this folder should be played one after the other.

    Is it possible to play an entire folder?

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: UPNP Server > SONOS > Play a entire folder

    Asset just presents the tracks, it is the player which decides how to play them.

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    Re: UPNP Server > SONOS > Play a entire folder

    Assuming you're using a UPnP control point (I think it's only Plex that intergrates with the Sonos app), can't you just browse the 'Folders & Filename Browsing' container/index and select a folder (in BubbleUPnP it's accessible from the 3 vertical dots menu) from there to Play/Enqueue?

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    Re: UPNP Server > SONOS > Play a entire folder

    Actually Asset UPNP is one of the more compliant servers when it comes be being recognized by Sonos and showing up as another source in the Sonos app.

    But I think the answer (or at least one of the answers) is the same:

    Using the "queue" function in Sonos to add the tracks.

    The other answer might be to create a playlist in Sonos -- a one time action to create a playlist that can be invoked later rather than having to add all the songs to a queue the next time.

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