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Thread: TuneFUSION selectively syncing from huge libraries

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    Question TuneFUSION selectively syncing from huge libraries

    Hi -- I have a huge library (>30k tracks) and want to selectively pick music by track to sync to my phone.

    TuneFUSION is 99% what I need, but what I cannot figure out is how to select individual tracks.

    What I used to do in Apple Music/iTunes is to visually go through the albums, and add the desired tracks to a playlist, which I would then sync to my phone.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to how to do this with TuneFUSION? I can see there is a way to sync based on metadata, so one option might be to set ratings on the files that I want to sync, but I was hoping to not change the file metadata if possible.

    Could a user interface be built into TuneFUSION to support track selections from large libraries?

    Or perhaps TuneFUSION could be fed a playlist file, and then sync from that? -- but I don't see a way to point TuneFUSION at a playlist file.

    Thank you!
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    Re: TuneFUSION selectively syncing from huge libraries

    Sorry individual track selection is not supported.

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