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Thread: Album Artist Tag question

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    Album Artist Tag question

    Hi....sorry if this has been covered before.

    When i rip a Cd that has two artists e.g. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson. Sometimes the Album Artist Tag shows

    Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson and other times it shows as Gil Scott-Heron;Brian Jackson

    What is the difference?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Album Artist Tag question

    Some tags are multi-value tags i.e. can contain multiple values. Some tag editing software uses a separator in the multi-value tag to separate the values. The Illustrate suite of programs uses the semi-colon as the separator.

    So, if the Album Artist Tag (a multi-value tag) contains Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson, this is a single value Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson and if it contains Gil Scott-Heron; Brian Jackson, then this is 2 separate values, Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson.

    Multi-value tags are well documented in these forums, so search them for more information.

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    Re: Album Artist Tag question

    And if this was my rip, I'd likely do the following:
    ARTIST: Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson; Gil Scott-Heron; Brian Jackson
    ALBUM ARTIST: Gil Scott-Heron

    This way it would be filed (file name and artist folder) under Gil Scott-Heron (who to me is the key artist). But the above would create three different ARTIST tags in my FLAC file. And because of this, this CD would show up when I browsed my server looking at say, Brian Jackson albums. And also under Gil Scott-Heron and also under the artist, "Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson".

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