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Thread: lost work order

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    lost work order

    Hello my name is Richard

    over a year ago I purchased both of the reference versions of DB poweramp and perfect tunes but I didn't use my e-mail for my work order I used guest I think and now I have no proof that I purchased it and I no longer have the computer these versions were on due to a crash that occured that deleted the info on my harddrive. I have the credit card I used to make my purchases so when im connected I can confirm the card number with billing if my info will be suitable to look up what I paid for a little more than two years ago. Please contact me when you van here is my contact info:


    cc info will be disclosed when begin communication.

    Thankyou for you time.

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    Re: lost work order

    Lost your order number? visit: https://secure.dbpoweramp.com/lostorder.aspx

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