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Thread: The external question. Windows or Mac?

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    The external question. Windows or Mac?

    I would consider myself as a slightly advance novice. So still learning.
    I am using an intel MacBookPro with USB Superdrive to rip all of my cds.

    I'm trying to decide if I should use osX or Win10 via bootcamp. I will be ripping using the ALAC codec.

    Is the "underhood ripping engine" of dBpoweramp Ripper the same on Win and osX?
    Is the ALAC Codec the same on osX & Win10? Apple made or Open Source?

    I did a few test rips.
    On osX the resulting file size is 18,534,145 bytes (18.5MB on Disk)
    On Win10 the resulting file is 18,534,204 bytes (18.5MB on disk)

    So essentially the same file on both.


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    Re: The external question. Windows or Mac?

    ALAC uses apples own OS code.

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