When CD Ripper sees a disc with a data track, it hides it from the ripper view. But when it looks up the metadata for the disc, it now applies the track titles as if track 2 were track 1. For every old game disc I've tried, that means track 2 gets tagged as the data track and all the track names are off by one.

Example of what I mean: Quake II disc with metadata from MusicBrainz (Other sources also include the data track)
Quake II Ripper.png
Quake II MusicBrainz.png

Even more confusing, the manual metadata editor still numbers the tracks from 1, even though the real track 1 is still hidden: Quake II MMR.png

Please see if you can make CD Ripper detect when the metadata libraries give it a label for a data track. Perhaps it could notice that it's one track short, and the hidden data track would make up the difference?

At the very least, please add a feature to the manual metadata editor that lets us shift track labels, so we can at least manually fix when this happens without too much fuss.