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Thread: information log popup stopped working

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    Re: information log popup stopped working

    Quote Originally Posted by Dat Ei View Post
    The configuration is stored in the registry.

    Dat Ei
    You mean the setup configuration like Multi-Encoder settings and preferences are stored in the registry? Sounds really unorthodox. So there is no resetting back to default then?

    FWIW, I uninstalled dBPowerAmp yet again. This time before rebooting, I cleaned my PC and registry with both Wise Care 365 and CCleaner (they seem to find some different issues between them) and rebooted. Then I cleaned the registry again and reinstalled version 7...

    Still no popup window information log after ripping several CDs.

    I'm thinking of trying 6 again but I'm sick of this uninstalling/reinstalling stuff.

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    Re: information log popup stopped working

    I also found the %AppData/% folder. There's nothing in there except some list files (genre's, batchcoverters, tag edits) and a file called CDRipperCache.bin which I deleted. It was restored when I ripped another CD.

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    Re: information log popup stopped working

    No features have been removed, the secure log has only been present for secure ripping, that is certain. We close this thread as it goes around in circles.

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