Hello, I am unsure if any one can help, and Im not to sure if its myself at fault, but when ever I convert (renaming along the way) it doesn't seem to display correctly. It works on the windows 11 version all well and dandy, but not on OSX 12.3(which I am moving everything over too)

[album artist]\[album artist] - [album] ([year]) [[bits_per_sample]Bit-[frequency]kHz]\[IFMULTI]included if multi-disc[]\[track]. [title]
give me this;
Artist/Artist - Album (year) [24Bit-48khz]/ 01. Playtime

[album artist]/[album artist] - [album] ([year]) [[bits_per_sample]Bit-[frequency]kHz]/[IFMULTI]included if multi-disc[]/[track]. [title]
gives me this;
Artist/Artist - Album (year) [Bit-khz]/ 01. Playtime

the OSX version wont list the "bits per sample" or indeed the "frequency"

This is something that I really need to be listed, so I am able to tell my Hi-res files from my CD quality files...

May I ask have a typed something incorrect or is it a bug in the software please?