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Thread: Problems with FLAC to ALAC Conversion

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    Exclamation Problems with FLAC to ALAC Conversion

    I have used Music Converter for years and love how it works. Today I am running into errors converting FLAC files to ALAC files. Normally this is painless and error free. I have seen this with files from at least 10 different source audio folders (all which play fine in FLAC).

    I see errors like "Encountered 'FLAC_STREAM_DECODER_SEARCH_FOR_FRAME_SYNC' in FLAC File and then the source file name. If I do updates on the tags, I use mp3tag, which has never caused a problem before.

    I see cases where a file has the last 30-60 seconds cut off in the ALAC file. I see other cases where the ALAC file basically has no content at all. This never happened before.

    I'm running version 16.4 with Windows 10 21H1. I just did this upgrade recently. Could that be a problem? Thank you for your help.

    Update - I removed dBpoweramp from Windows, rebooted, then reinstalled from a clean install file just downloaded. Still have the problem, thanks.
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    Re: Problems with FLAC to ALAC Conversion


    This error means the file is now corrupted.

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