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Thread: Database problen (deleted?) after Rip As One

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    Question Database problen (deleted?) after Rip As One


    Today I want to Rip 2 CDs with Rip As One.
    First I made the Title names, upload the Covers to my CD database.
    After I finished with it, I made from the first CD a Rip as One copy.
    When it finished I put in the second one, and I saw that, the previously loaded CD Covers are "deleted" and I got
    CD Cover and all CD data, Title... from the metadata provider. ???????
    I put in back the firstly ripped cd, and I saw I got again the covers, track names.... from metadata provider.
    It happened only after, when I made Rip as One.
    If I make Single or Multi file rips, my track name and loaded covers stays in the database. ????

    Windows, R17.4

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    Re: Database problen (deleted?) after Rip As One

    Possible bug noted

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