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Thread: Batch convert Flac files to Mp4 (Alac) files

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    Batch convert Flac files to Mp4 (Alac) files

    I want to batch convert approx 60,000 tracks from Flac to Alac to play on iPhone in the car rather than having to put up with lossy mp3's (I have a flac and mp3 version of all my tracks).

    At the same time as the conversion I want to:

    a) Add Replaygain Track, Album Gain and iTunes Track Normalisation - I know how to do this by including the Replaygain DSP effect
    b) Remove a couple of Flac specific tags - how do I do this please?
    c) add a 0 in front of the single digit track numbers (which my flac files already have) - eg track 1 is shown as 01 in flac, but the conversion to mp4 is just putting a 1 in the track no field

    Many thanks for your help

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    Re: Batch convert Flac files to Mp4 (Alac) files

    b) ID Tag Processing dsp
    C) the track number is held as a number in m4a tags, not a string as it is in flac vorbis comments, so not possible to zero pad it.

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