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Thread: Asset Control App

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    Post Asset Control App

    Hi All,

    I have been looking for a basic controller for use with asset. Our old friend "Google" returned a result for Asset Control, which pretty much does what I want, but there's a few things that need ironing out or adding (nothing extreme).

    I have looked at the related thread and it was colsed around 2002. Does this mean developement and support for this little piece of software has come to a close?

    If it has, I could really use a cheap (so cheap it's free) alternative. I've tried all Linn's apss and they're about as stable as a one legged table. Other than that, anything else (j river, bubble, etc) turn into a media management AND server which I don't need.

    I just need a basic, windows (10) based controller where I can play tracks, albums and create and save playlists plus be able to choose any one of my 5 DLNA clients to play to.

    Appreciate any input.


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    Re: Asset Control App

    Sadly yes, development has stopped.

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