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Thread: 3 disk set ripping problems

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    3 disk set ripping problems

    I just got a new 3-disk set that was not in Accu-rip. I searched and the ripper found the set on Discogs. It showed all the tracks from all 3 disks in one list so I wasn't sure it was going to work but I selected it to try.

    Disk 1 worked fine - track list was accurate, correct album art. I did change the disk number from 1/1 to 1/3. When I inserted Disk 2, the same titles and times from Disk 1 came up. After a few reinserts and going out and back in to the ripper, it finally put the correct titles and times for Disk 2 in and I changed the disk number to 2/3.

    When I insert Disk 3, the ripper will NOT recognize it as different from Disk 1. The Disk 1 titles and times keep coming up when I insert Disk 3. How can I rip Disk 3 to get the correct titles and times on my files?

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    Re: 3 disk set ripping problems

    Try restarting cd ripper, does that help?

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