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Thread: Asset Collections - howto?

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    Nov 2021

    Question Asset Collections - howto?

    Dear all,

    My wife (bless her taste of music) and I have our own and a shared collection we listen to, making up 3 libraries that is combined in 1 music folder on our Synology NAS.

    I saw 'Asset Collections'* (introduced per release version 6) as a way of creating 3 libraries we can switch to, depending who's listening. She can have her library selected permamenently on her phone, I got mine and when we are together we can switch to the shared collection.

    How can this be done with the Synology version of Asset? I can't find settings anywhere.

    Many thanks for your help!

    Kind regards,

    p.s.: changelog on Asset Collections: "New Feature: Asset Collections: create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries"

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    Nov 2021

    Re: Asset Collections - howto?

    Resolved... Asset Collections is just a different name for the 'Instances' tab on the main menu.

    Let's not overcomplicate and close this thread

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