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Thread: AC3 to Multichannel Opus

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    AC3 to Multichannel Opus


    I have several surround sound versions of albums in AC3 format that I would like to play in my car. My Canton sound system only supports Opus multichannel files. Can DBpoweramp convert these and if so how would I do it.

    I've the latest registered version of dBpoweramp installed along with the LAV filters and the dBpoweramp DirectShow codec but can't work out what to do next. Any help would be great.



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    Re: AC3 to Multichannel Opus

    The first test is to see if the ac3 decode correctly, so if the filters and the dBpoweramp ac3 codec is installed and you have added .ac3 to the file as the help states, then right click on once ac3 file >> convert to >> wave

    with everything [as is]

    does the wave file have the right number of channels?

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