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Thread: Desktop processor and motherboard specifically for transcoding audio.

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    Desktop processor and motherboard specifically for transcoding audio.

    Hi I am Rupesh from India and I want to buy a new pc with processor and motherboard which are manufactured specifically for audio and video.

    From the past few years I am using my system to convert MP3 songs to m4a files as m4a file takes less memory space using tools like dbpoweramp and the quality is acceptable.

    At present my system is not working properly and so I have decided to buy a new PC and searched web for processor with specific audio dsp.

    In the Intel website they have specified that they have developed Intel HD audio and windows is implementing Intel's HD audio into their os as UAA. They have even specified some chpisets.

    In the amd website they have specified that they have incorporated a technology called true audio into their ryzen processors.

    Unfortunately starting price of ryzen processor is high and so I have searched for another processor and found amd Athlon A 3000G perfectly suits for my current need and also affordable. The disadvantage is it doesn't have true audio.

    Amd ryzen processors costs high but those has many advanced features like Zen instruction set, true audio, integrated Radeon graphics etc., which cannot be found in Intel and even in the other family of amd processors.

    At present I am using PC with amd fx 4100 bulldozer processor and it has 8mb l3 cache and with DDR3 ram. But my PC doesn't have specific audio component.

    As I am going to buy a new PC according to my needs I also want to buy a new sound card to transcode MP3 songs to m4a files.

    If I transcode the same audio mp3 file using the same dbpoweramp in two systems one is normal and another is a PC with highly tuned processor which has true audio or Intel HD audio. Is there any difference in the quality of the audio file generated between the two files with the same transcoder software like dbpoweramp and with the audio dsp.

    Please try to answer the above question ie., Is there any role of the audio dsp present in PC during the audio transcoding process. Some has argued that there is no specific role of processor or audio dsp during transcoding process because the transcoder like fdkaac is just an algorithm. Is it true.

    If your answer is there is " yes there is the part of audio dsp circuit during the transcoding process ". Please try to suggest a nice audio dsp which is affordable and which can be inserted into the pci slot of my system.

    My another question is " Is there any need to buy a processor which has technology such as true audio or Intel HD audio specifically for transcoding process.".

    I have created this thread because I am not familiar as you with audio dsp circuits etc.,.


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    Re: Desktop processor and motherboard specifically for transcoding audio.

    Namaste Rupesh,

    there is no influence of the type of CPU on the audio quality if you use dBpa. It is just a transcoding from a digital source into another digital destination by software. The biggest loss has already happened if you only have mp3 files. mp3 is a lossy codec, so a lot of audio data have already been lost with this codec.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Desktop processor and motherboard specifically for transcoding audio.

    Thanks for your patience and positive response.

    Can I think that the only role of true audio and Intel HD audio is producing good sound through speakers. If anything else please try to specify.

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