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Thread: Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock] workaround using CLI

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    Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock] workaround using CLI

    I've found quite a few threads about "Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock]" when trying to convert to m4a QAAC (iTunes) since I have had this error myself, iTunes properly installed and everything, and have been looking for a solution without success.

    I've just upgraded from R14.2 to R17.4. R14.2 predates the native dBpoweramp m4a QAAC (iTunes) codec, and back in those days I used qaac with the dBpoweramp CLI Encoder codec (https://www.dbpoweramp.com/codec-central-cli.htm). After trial and error and some google searching, I have managed to get it working again.

    So, for anyone who is having this problem with the m4a QAAC (iTunes) codec, and also as a reminder to myself in case I ever need to do this again(!), here's what you need to do to use the CLI method: [NB I'm using the 64-bit version, presumably the 32-bit works the same, mutatis mutandis, but I don't know either way!]

    1) Install the CLI Encoder codec. Then, in the folder C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\encoder\CLI Encoder open the encoder.txt file, change the extension so it reads ".m4a" (no quotation marks, that should be the entire contents of the file) and save it.

    2) Download qaac from https://github.com/nu774/qaac/releases

    3) Download QTfiles from https://github.com/AnimMouse/QTFiles/releases (thanks to AnimMouse! Without this I'd have been stuck). QTfiles.7z for 32-bit, QTfiles64.7z for 64-bit, obviously.

    4) Create a folder C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\encoder\m4a Apple (AAC) [that's the name I used before, and it probably good that it's different from "m4a QAAC (iTunes)"] and copy the following files into this folder:

    From the qaac zip:


    (you can guess which files to copy if you want the 32-bit version...)

    all the files from the QTfiles zip (again, you'll have chosen the 32- or 64-bit download accordingly)

    and the file "encoder.txt" which is attached to this post. NB If you're using the 32-bit qaac.exe you'll need to edit the third line of this file accordingly. This encoder.txt file is not my own work; it was someone else on the forum long ago in the mists of time, maybe more than one person, but I do remember tweaking it a little!

    There should now be ten files in this folder.

    5) As per the CLI Encoder help file, in C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp\encoder copy the file CLI Encoder.dll (right click Copy, right click Paste), rename the duplicate file to m4a Apple (AAC) (this name will show in Music Converter's encoder list). Do the same with one of the m4a .ico files so you get an icon in the list as well.

    That should be it! I don't think I've forgotten anything. Let me know if it works for you.
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    Re: Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock] workaround using

    had this same problem today after reinstalling windows 10 and the setup you describe still works beautifully! Many thanks for this elegant solution that let us avoid the need to install iTunes or the AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, which does not seem to work for me anyway!

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