Hi, Spoon.

I'm running a registered copy of TuneFusion 1.5, and I like it very much. But I have a problem:

For one of my sync tasks, my source is a mix of lossy and lossless files, and I need the destination to be all FLAC (of course I understand that re-encoding in a lossless format does not improve the quality of a lossy-encoded track).

The problem is that TuneFusion allows lossy files to be encoded only in other lossy formats (with one exception, which I imagine was an accident). So to do what I want, I use two TuneFusion syncs: One sync to convert from lossy to WMA Lossless (the exception I mentioned), and then a second sync to convert from WMA Lossless to FLAC. But this is awkward and wasteful, and tags get lost in the WMA conversion.

Would it be possible to allow lossy files to be encoded in other lossless formats, like FLAC?