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Thread: Error renaming file.

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    Error renaming file.

    After ripping in Windows 10, via Dell laptop, I get an error message "Error renaming...

    here is plenty of space left, over 100GB, and no other apps, as far as I can see, are locking file.

    Under CD Ripping options "Rip to temorary folder etc..." The only option that will allow a rip; th eother cannot open CD file.

    Any help please?

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    Re: Error renaming file.

    Are you ripping to a special folder which is under control of iTunes or something like that? What happens if you rip to a different, new folder?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Error renaming file.

    If the 'Rip direct' option does not work, then it means CD Ripper has no writing ability access rights to where ever you have it set to rip to.

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