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Thread: Use custom tag to sort album view

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    Re: Use custom tag to sort album view

    On which platform is asset running?

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    Re: Use custom tag to sort album view

    Please clarify what kind of system you're running Asset on: Windows / Mac / Linux / QNAP / Synology.

    We'd like you to export your configuration, containing the problematic Pop genre shortcut line, so I can try loading it on the development machine where I can figure out why it fails. On Linux/QNAP/Synology, you can export configuration from Troubleshooting tab (normal dump is enough). Please send the file to me at peter@dbpoweramp.com .

    I already tried the same line with no errors, perhaps the rest of your configuration contains some clue to why this fails - for an example, if have altered other browse tree lines and have no Dynamic Browsing / Genre section.
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