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Thread: Licence retrieval after DSM7 migration

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    Licence retrieval after DSM7 migration

    For a long while I have been running Asset on my Synology Intel NAS from a licence purchased for Intel Linux before the first official Synology package came out. I've just installed DSM7 and reinstalled Asset, and my licence has gone. If I use the retrieval tool that gets me to the Intel Debian .tar.gz file, but I've long-since forgotten what to do with it as I have not tinkered via SSH for a long while.

    Can anyone advise how I restore my registered status? A clumsy mistake on my part not to back up the relevant configuration folder first, but hoping this is fixable without having to purchase a new licence?

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    Re: Licence retrieval after DSM7 migration

    If you visit the registration retrieval page there will be an offer link to upgrade your license to the Synology one with a 50% discount.

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