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Thread: What is my CD Ripper's version?

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    What is my CD Ripper's version?

    I'm running (paid) v17.3 of DbPowerAmp. I know that because I can see a Release 17.3 under the label/logo that displays when I launch DbPowerAmp Control Center:


    But (I presume) that 17.3 is an umbrella version for all the tools subordinate to DbPowerAmp -- e.g. CD Ripper; Batch Converter; ...

    So what are the individual versions of the packaged tools? CD Ripper and Batch Converter in particular?

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    Re: What is my CD Ripper's version?

    They do not have individual versions.

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    Re: What is my CD Ripper's version?

    Really? That's not good. How can customers know whether to upgrade at the umbrella level, if/when perhaps their pet tool hasn't changed at all?

    I do see some helpful https://www.dbpoweramp.com/Version-Changes-DMC.htm
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    Re: What is my CD Ripper's version?

    Hmm. My reply-to-your-reply posting was just lost?

    Anyway, I was saying that individual versions would help someone decide whether to upgrade.

    Nevertheless, I see that DBPA does provide Release Notes

    These notes, at least, are helpful.

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