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Thread: dsd to flac conversion best practises

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    dsd to flac conversion best practises

    Hello, I try to convert some dsf files to flac. It feels like the volume is too low.
    I have read on different forums and I donīt think it just one way to do it.

    If I want to want to add Volume Normalize and experiment with lowpass filter. What is the best routine?
    I have no knowledge what is better than the other.

    When do I apply different filters? Audio normalize first and then lowpass filter? Will this be done before the .dsf to .flac converson?
    Do I have to do it in two steps. First. wav and then to flac.

    From what I understand from the help I really don īt need any lowpass filter if I use the defalults 24/96?

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    Re: dsd to flac conversion best practises

    You would do the volume normalize after a low pass. No need for 2 steps, can be done in one. 96KHz would not need the low pass no.

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