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Thread: Chaning 'Encoding' causes 'Output to' and 'DSP Effects' to be lost

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    Chaning 'Encoding' causes 'Output to' and 'DSP Effects' to be lost

    I have various profiles set up to copy and re-encode music files (e.g. for car audio)
    I have the 'Output to' set to an intermediate folder, and DSP effects set to create an image file
    I wish to edit these profiles to change the encoding (e.g. from MP3 to WMA) while retaining the output directory and DSP effects.

    However changing the encoding sets the 'output to' back to default, and removes the DSP effects
    This greatly reduces the usefulness of profiles for my purpose.

    Is there any way to change the encoding and retain 'Output to' and 'DSP Effects' ?

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    Re: Chaning 'Encoding' causes 'Output to' and 'DSP Effects' to be lost

    You can save the dsp effect list to a file, and copy and paste the output to naming, it is by design these values are tied to encoder.

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