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Thread: "Not Audio CD" error message

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    "Not Audio CD" error message

    I have the latest version of dbPoweramp installed and my nimbie configured as the CD player. When I place a stack of audio CDs on and select rip no meta data is found and CDs are slowly ejected in sequence through the front slot with the message "Not Audio CD". I have spent two frustrating weeks trying to fix this but can't on either of two Nimbies. Please help

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    Manually load a disc into the nimbie, then load CD Ripper (not batch ripper), does the disc show up?

    A not audio CD message, means just that, have a look in explorer, the disc should show as:


    if it is an audio cd.

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    As per your instructions I manually loaded three commercial audio CDs in my Nimbie and went to CD Ripper. No Disk shows up. When I hit the Rip icon nothing happens, The next icon beside it ejects a disk when hit, the next icon which is supposed to re-scan the cd and re-read meta data when depressed flashes but does nothing else, the menu icon shown nothing out of place as far as I can tell. Settings at the bottom left are as follows:
    Profile - Default
    Rip tp - Flac
    Path - Music
    Naming - [IFVALUE], Album, Artist, Album, Artist,[IFCOMP}
    CD drive - E: Pioneer - BD-RW BDR-212M

    So no meta data will show up with CD ripper nor will depressing the Rip icon do anything
    Again with batch copier when loaded with a stack of COMMERCIAL CDs it just spits them all with the message "Not Audio CD". And this happens with two Nimbies one old and the other brand new.

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    OH, if it makes any difference, I don't use explore, I am using Chrome and the Windows is Windows Home 64

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    Quote Originally Posted by pmonroe73150 View Post
    OH, if it makes any difference, I don't use explore, I am using Chrome and the Windows is Windows Home 64
    The reference to "explorer" was to the File Explorer in Windows, not the Internet Explorer (where you are using Chrome instead). Using the File Explorer you should be able to see the Nimbie, and if it recognises the disc as a music CD you will see the tracks listed as Track01, Track02 etc.

    I have attached a screen print of File Explorer showing my external DVD drive, and when I highlight that it lists the tracks on the CD.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    Sorry, I can't get your attached image to open. I went to file explorer and Music folder and didn't see anything except data on rips made years ago. I got out 5 more CDs (making sure they were commercial music CDs) and tried to run Batch Ripper. Again the first disk ejected stating "Not Audio Disk". Then it briefly said "Retrieving Meta Data" and almost immediately up comes a NEW message "dbpoweramp-Thunk32" (Whatever that is) continuing with "This application is not designed to run on its own". Then it continued to try to get meta data without success and ejected remaining disks as Not Audio CD.

    Earlier I contacted Arconova Support and they said the Nimbie was working properly as long as it was running disks through., that they knew very little about dbpoweramp and I should contact this forum for help as my difficulties must somehow be software related with a corrupted file, an installation glitch, or something.
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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    OK, I went to File Explorer and then control panel and then Device manager and then paulwin10 and then to DVD-Rom Drives and finally found Pioneer BD-RW DDR-212M USB Device (WHEW1)
    Under general tab I found "Device Status - working properly"
    Under DVD region tab I found "Region 1-USA
    Under Driver tab I found "Ver 10.0 19041.1 Best driver selected"
    Under Details tab I found "Value - CD Rom Driver"
    Under Events tab I found "Pioneer&product -BD=RW_BR 212M

    So File Explorer sees the Nimbie (I Guess)
    I am 88 years of age and admittedly not too computer literate but getting this to work shouldn't cause 3 weeks grief!

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    Re: "Not Audio CD" error message

    I can't think why the image won't open, it's just a jpeg and all you need to do is click on it.

    If you are looking at your music folder in File Explorer then you would expect to see the previously ripped CDs, assuming that's where you stored them. The suggestion was that you use File Explorer to look at the CD loaded in the Nimbie to see if it lists the tracks. Having said that, your new error message suggests a different type of problem anyway and one that the more technical folk would need to advise on.

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