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Thread: new to ripping. Calibrate

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    new to ripping. Calibrate

    I am both new to ripping and this dBpoweramp.
    So far I am finding it vary good (dBpoweramp) But I have one problem in secure rip, my mate says that I should have calibrated my CD DVD writer but I can't find out how to do this with this software or from the maker of my CD DVD writer. one thing I should add is I am not good with computers

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    Re: new to ripping. Calibrate

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    Re: new to ripping. Calibrate

    Welcome to dbpoweramp! Delighted to hear you're not good with computers, I felt that way when I started with dbpoweramp but Spoon & others were very helpful although I did imagine there was quite a lot of eye rolling going on ( that and some deep sighs). I've just ripped 473 CD's to FLAC so I'm now an 'expert' LOL. I would encourage you to post questions or PM for any help you need.

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