I used to rip my Cds with the Adobe Audition CS6 with VBR or 320 kbps and both played on Microsoft's Media Player 12 on Windows 7 Operating Systems.
Using my second computer with Windows 10 and the MS Media Player 12, none of the 320 kbps MP3 files play. Further I fear if I try to create a custom MP3 CD, my Integra CDC-3.4 CD Player nor my MP3 player in my 2014 Toyota Avalon will play any MP3 CD using dBpoweramp files. Yet, my MP3 CDs created from the Adobe Audition CS6 rips worked well.

What do I need to do to have 1) MS Media Player 12 compatible MP3 files using dBpoweramp and 2) Have ability to have home/car playable files after I create a CD disk (other than redbook format) using MP3 or ? Your menu didn't show any way to disable any ID3v2 tags, for example, if doing so will address. Open for any solutions. At this point if no ripped MP3s can be played, what's the point of just ripping WAV files? Also most car player and home player don't do FLAC, so that's off the table.

Another challenge, your program couldn't rip an older 1976 CD I have, RAM JAM, the very best of. Yet Adobe Audition CS6 could. Is there a way to rip anything off this older CD with any settings or do I just put my hands in the air and wave around? (haha) Thank you.

Go to Roxio? Go to older computer?