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Thread: problem when ripping "some" CDs

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    problem when ripping "some" CDs

    I have a problem that occurs on some CDs, after ripping in WAV format. When I read the files I store on a NAS with my streamer (Auralic Vega G 2.1) I hear a "sssssssssssssssssssss" noise between the tracks (in the transition between them). Using a competitor's program that is free (exact audio copy) this does not happen. How to parameterize the DbPoweramp so that this problem does not happen when ripping?

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    Re: problem when ripping "some" CDs

    You would have to use the ID Tag processing DSP Effect and set to 'delete all ID Tags'

    The reason you have this, your player does not follow the specifications to read wave files, it is reading the ID Tags as audio and trying to play it, very poor programming.

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