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Thread: CD Ripper - Multiple Versions installed

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    CD Ripper - Multiple Versions installed

    I upgraded and was having trouble. Turns out it looks like I have multiple versions of the CD Ripper installed. The style of icons looks different.

    Dumb question, when I am running a copy of the DBPowerAmp CD ripper, how do I determine what version I am running.?

    I'm on Windows 10. An older version comes up if I type dbpoweramp into the windows search box; an app named DB Poweramp is suggested for me.

    If on the other hand, I press the windows key, I find two program groups. One is titled DBPowerAmp, and the other is DBPoweramp Music converter. The one titled "DBPoweramp music converter" seems to start an older version of the cd ripper.

    This caused me a fair amount of grief when the older version was not cooperating.

    Dumb question, how to get rid of the old stuff without messing up the new stuff?

    Perhaps I just purchased a new, did not "upgrade"?

    Sorry for being so dense,

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    Re: CD Ripper - Multiple Versions installed

    see this. If it was me, I'd uninstall all the versions, then start over with a new install (you don't have to purchase again, just download your install using the purchase code)

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