Hi. I use Asset on a Synology Server.
I have exported a playlist (.m3u)
I have put it in a Folder that I have told Asset is for Playlists in the configuration.
The Name of the Playlist shows when looking at "Playlists"
Asset restarted, and when looking (eg: using VLC or Naim), the right number of tracks show (12 in this case) But the files do not play, and the track names don't show (only Artist).

ie: .m3u file contents looks like this:

*EXTINF:182,When I Kissed The Teacher - ABBA
/Volumes/music/iTunes 2/iTunes Media/Music/ABBA/Arrival (Sweden Test Pressing)/01 When I Kissed The Teacher.aiff
*EXTINF:232,Dancing Queen - ABBA
/Volumes/music/iTunes 2/iTunes Media/Music/ABBA/Arrival (Sweden Test Pressing)/02 Dancing Queen.aiff

please advise.