This is less of a question and more of a "seeking clarification"

First - the software is GREAT.

Finally, I can see WTF is going on with respect to tags, BEFORE the tags ge written.

Long ago I got a Microboards "budget" robot and ripped a massive number of discs; but the tags could be it or miss, and I didnt have a good tag editing work flow etc.

Fast forward to today, and now Im using Serato and really could use no longer lugging cases of CDs (unless of course, there was an event that demanded that)

I had been steadily ripping CDs using a MacBook Pro mid 2012 (aka the built in superdrive / optical), but I wanted to speed up workflow.

So I experimented with a USB optical drive and landed on an OWC
I was going to go for a "high end" pioneer drive and an OWC enclosure, but realized Im reading CDs, not BluRay so maybe an LG drive won't be so terrible.

Other than making the mistake of putting in an obtuse and damaged disk in for the first rip (gee this is slow), this has speeded up my workflow

I had considered a Nimbie, but then I would need to build up a PC, and also I began to realize that I wanted to scrub the tags BEFORE the rip started.


Is there a limit to the number of CD drives I can strap on?

Or is the limit, more of a work flow issue of seeing all the different windows and keeping things straight


Can I use a powered hub to add more USB?

Or should I really stick to the two USB that are on the actual laptop chassis (the other two USB I am using are connected via a CalDigit "hub" which connects via ThunderBolt2, so I doubt that the Thunderbolt2 is the bottleneck).


The way that dbpoweramp manages the UI when ripping from multiple drives is "confusing".

The use of the two screens with the heading of what drive they are reading from; that part is great.

The fact that the app also has to keep a third window open, is understandable

But the screen has one or the other (I have 2 drives going) of the CDs being ripped "data" on the screen, making harder to tell that you are looking at a "manager" screen that needs to be kept open.

Blanking out the song data and the CD image and putting some other kind of "You are ripping from multiple drives at once; please leave this window up" might be an alternative?

or am I supposed to run two DIFFERENT instances of the dbpoweramp program and NOT the "Rip from multiple drives" option?