Hi there,

I had a problem ripping a secondhand audiobook a couple of weeks ago - all tracks were in Accuraterip (although they only had a confidence of 1) and all tracks on the first two discs I ripped verified with the Accuraterip results EXCEPT for the last tracks on both discs. Because the discs went straight to re-ripping frames instead of "Secure" (I have ultra-secure rip enabled) I assumed that there was a problem with my discs. After much polishing and re-ripping and polishing and re-ripping, I gave up and purchased a brand new copy of the audiobook.

Now, when I rip the brand new discs, the same tracks (as in, the last track on both of the first two discs) do not verify with Accuraterip. I haven't got any further than ripping the first two discs, as I want to make that everything is ripped accurately. However, there is one important difference between the brand new discs and the secondhand ones: I do get a "Secure" tick on both the tracks that do not match in Accuraterip, instead of it going straight to re-ripping inaccurate frames. As the Accuraterip confidence value is so low (1) - I guess it could well be that my rips are more accurate than the ones currently in the database? However, it seems like a pretty big coincidence that the same tracks on both the copies I've bought are unable to match.

Is there some setting that I'm missing that is maybe causing the tracks to not verify correctly? Or do you think it's more likely that my rips are that much more superior?

Thanks for reading this far.