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Thread: Pre-Emphasis

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    A question about Pre-Emphasis with R.17.2

    The here-under option is unticked in the DBP CD Ripper options.

    "Apply De-emphasis to CD tracks marked with Pre-Emphasis"

    But on Log file there is a notion of Pre-Emphasis ?

    Is there something wrong ?

    dBpoweramp Release 17.2 Digital Audio Extraction Log from samedi 2 janvier 2021 08:48

    Drive & Settings

    Ripping with drive 'F: [PLEXTOR - CD-R PX-230A ]', Drive offset: 738, Overread Lead-in/out: Yes
    AccurateRip: Active, Using C2: No, Cache: 1024 KB, FUA Cache Invalidate: No
    Pass 1 Drive Speed: Max, Pass 2 Drive Speed: Max
    Bad Sector Re-rip:: Drive Speed: Max, Maximum Re-reads: 34

    Encoder: FLAC -compression-level-8 -verify

    Track Technical Details

    Track 1: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 2: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 3: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 4: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 5: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 6: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 7: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 8: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 9: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 10: Pre-Emphasis
    Track 11: Pre-Emphasis
    Extraction Log

    Track 1: Ripped LBA 0 to 13687 (3:02) in 0:12. Filename: E:\Musique\Francis Cabrel\Fragile\01 La Dame De Haute-Savoie.flac
    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 30) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: B3289673 AccurateRip CRC: 955366BB (CRCv2) [DiscID: 011-000d4df0-0073165c-a107a70b-1]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 30 [CRCv2 955366bb]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 13 [CRCv1 41d02752]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 79 [CRCv2 b38c3ee6], Using Pressing Offset +93
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 22 [CRCv1 76211610], Using Pressing Offset +93

    Thanks for your usual help

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    The log is just telling you the tracks have preemphasis, nothing was applied.

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    Hello, I recently upgraded to version 17.2 also. I have a question about the PE decoding I was hoping you could answer. Is the decoding based on SOX or something else? Any info you could provide about how the decoding works would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    Yes it uses sox to process.

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    Hello Spoon,

    I have a 2000 album + all "dBPowerAmp" (from vR14 on) ripped collection. Today I upgraded to R17.4. I could successfully de-emphasize a CD which I suspected to be emphasized because of excessive treble (France Gall - Babacar). It is now much more pleasant to listen too :-) Now I'm wondering whether other emphasized album may have been "wrongly" ripped without de-emphasizing. Which lead me to the following questions :
    1) is there a way to automatically detect afterwards on the ripped files which albums should have been de-emphasized ? Using any existing dBPowerAmp software or any external one ?
    2) as unfortunately I guess the answer to 1) will be no : to check whether de-emphasizing is required one working method is to rip the original CD s again (at least one track) to experience whether automatic de-emphasizing (kept allowed) will be done or not and if so to replace original files by the new de-emphasized ones. But would it possible to check this based on the original CD without having to rip again ?
    3) where the original CD is no longer available, if I now burn a CDR based on the existing flac files and use it instead with R17.4 will the possible "de-emphazising need" be detected ? Or is this information definitively lost ?

    Thank you beforehand !

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    There is a special flag on the CD, once ripped you cannot know.

    I believe there are sites which list every CD which has pre-emphasis.

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    Re: Pre-Emphasis

    Thanks Spoon, even if not so good news :-)

    I found some sites giving examples of CDs with PE but none seems to be neither "official" nor exhaustive.
    In my own collection for the moment I found two non listed ones : France Gall - Babacar and Michel Berger - Les plus belles chansons

    So I'm afraid we have mainly to rely on our ears and suspect any end 70 / early 90 albums with excessive / unpleasant treble levels !

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