I do a lot of Radio Program encoding using dBpoweramp and always use the Batch Converter because I may have as many as 8-different versions of a specific program to encode. After adding all metadata into the original WAV files, I can open Batch Converter and have it separate out all programs properly using the metadata.

I don't typically encode ALL programs in a particular folder at once as our program process may only master 5-programs at a time, so I spend a lot of time clicking on individual files within the parent folders for the encode to begin.

I just discovered to option to FILTER anything done within the last 24-hours, which helps, but it'd be GREAT if I could shift-click the files I want and then, maybe, command-option-shift-click to 'tick' the selected files... something like shift-select when using the Music Converter.

Currently using 17.3.