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Thread: Variations in mastering? CD ripping a flawed process?

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    Variations in mastering? CD ripping a flawed process?

    Hi all,

    I have posted about this before and I apologize if you recall reading about this particular issue a number of other times. I am just trying to understand why a specific issue occurs with ripped tracks from a CD. Much of the ideas I have shared below have come from people in this support forum and on other audio sites/forums I have posted in and read.

    Note: please excuse the weird numbers and ampersands in this post; every time I try to edit words that have apostrophes, I hit save and my post gets messed up... I think it is still clear what I am trying to say.

    If the read offset of a drive is inaudible, and certain players use fade-in/synch delay to hide/soften hard track beginnings, is it really true that almost every gapless album has annoying pops/clicks at particular track starting points? I would think that the industry standard would be to find an exact point in a track to prevent a pop sound when shuffling/selecting tracks from gapless albums. Such a task can be done with Audacity, but in my experience, it is quite tedious, which is why I do not bother with it (editing 100s of tracks, zooming in hundreds of times to the waveform of a track to find a better starting point than what is originally chosen by an engineer). Plus, editing tracks with Audacity renders them no longer accurate in the AccurateRip database. Maybe the difficulty of this is why there are so many annoying track boundaries on pressed discs.

    I find that when I listen to the same tracks in gapless albums on streaming platforms/YouTube&*8217;s official audio uploads (random people&*8217;s uploads are usually not reliable because anyone can edit anything to their liking), the pop/click sounds are not an issue. I should assume this is because these players have ways to hide those sounds? Or these steaming platforms/websites are provided with different masters than what I have on CD?

    Also, I was told by someone credible on hydrogenaudio that most CDs do not begin until around 10,000 samples have passed. That sounds only somewhat believable but who am I to say if it is or isn&*8217;t? I am not an audio expert, just someone trying to figure out a frustrating problem. I would love that to be true as that would truly solidify that hearing 24 samples of offset is not at all possible.

    Thank you for any further clarifications!
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