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Thread: Incorrect album data

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    Incorrect album data

    Hi all. I recently converted to Asset after years of frustration with Twonky. The transfer went well, all my missing artwork appeared and all seemed to be well. However, I'm now finding an increasing number of albums with tracks listed in random order (neither numerical or alphabetical) with some albums having tracks missing completely. Is this a job for database rebuild or do I have to re rip the offending cd's.
    Any help gratefully received
    Many thanks

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    Re: Incorrect album data

    Hey John,

    I would check the metadata of the involved files first. Maybe these are not consistent and editing them would fix the problem.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Incorrect album data

    If tracks are out of place, then check:

    1) all the tracks for the same album are in the same folder.
    2) all tracks have the same album name
    3) all tracks have the same 'album artist' name (if present)
    4) all tracks have the compilation tag set to 1, or no compilation tag.

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