Hey Spoon, hope you are well!

This is an outlier case but figured it might be good to document in case you run out of things to do in your infinite spare time

I have an external Lenovo DVD-Writer.

Model: GP60NB50
S/N: 406HV016299
Driver Revision: A2
F/W: LI01
H/W: B
LC P/N: 25213868

When inserting a CD, Windows 10 is set to rip with CD Ripper. However, due to the fact the drive keeps jumping on and offline (don't know if it's a bad cable or if the drive is f'd), Windows keeps opening new instances of CD-Writer within seconds, and in a minute I had about 15 instances of CD-Writer open.

One possible solution might be that if CD Ripper knows how many drives are installed, then maybe only allow that many instances to open before throwing an error? Not sure if this is possible since it's Windows 10 that keeps triggering a new instance, but figured I'd throw it out there for documentation.

EDIT - I figured out it was a power issue causing the drive to jump off and online. Plugging it into my USB3 PCI-X add-in card seems to have solved the issue for now.

Keep up the great work bro!