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Thread: Asset not not reflecting changes in QNAP folder structure

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    Asset not not reflecting changes in QNAP folder structure

    Hello, I'm using Asset as a dlna server for streaming locally stored files from a QNAP NAS to a Naim streamer.

    I recently discovered an album folder containing only one of nine tracks from an album where the remaining eight tracks were in a separate folder. The folder with one track had a different name than the other folder with the eight tracks so I was seeing two albums under the artist in the Naim app.

    I remedied the problem by moving the single track to the correct folder and deleting the now empty folder. I also made sure the recycle bin files were deleted. After rescanning multiple times, rebuilding the database, and uninstalling and reinstalling Asset the folder with single track is still visible in the Naim app. The track even plays. Does this mean it is still on the hard drive of my QNAP?? I can not figure out why Asset does not reflect the new folder structure. I'm fairly new to this technology so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Thanks in advance.

    Also, when I have Asset open in my browser the tab is flashing/refreshing intermittently every 7 seconds or so as if it's doing something but I can not tell what it's doing.

    For reference.
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