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Thread: Inconsistent Naming Parameters and any way to remove metadata?

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    Inconsistent Naming Parameters and any way to remove metadata?

    I've been battling with the Batch Ripper and CD Ripper in regards to naming conventions for a while now. I recently had dbpoweramp completely lose it's Cue Image capability due to some weird bug and had to reinstall everything, losing all my profiles.

    I find naming with different profiles to have different mechanisms. It would be great if there was one naming field (for the profile) and that naming field would dictate naming for the file regardless of what codec was chosen for the output. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    When selecting MP3 output, the naming field below codec selection is valid and and one can select CDDB_ID to ensure that multiple personal CDs do not continually write over each other into identically named directories or file names.

    However, when you select CUE Image output (to make all tracks output as one file), then not only is the naming field below it greyed out, but you must choose naming in the encoder box to the left, which has a naming field with completely different possible parameters. Copy and pasting [CDDB_ID] from the left naming field (when it's not grey) into the right encoder naming field (with Cue Image) causes the Batch Ripper to loose the plot (even though the name example it shows is correct!) and create a file that has the name of the last folder in the output path, but one folder down (?). To create unique CUE image files that do not continually overwrite the last one created for the last CD loaded into the batch ripper requires one to use [date][time] for the name.

    1) Why is CDDB_ID not available regardless of codec chosen?
    2) Why is the naming field below the codec selection not used for ALL codecs (MP3, Cue Image, WAV, etc)? CUE image greys out the previous naming convention and instead adopts the naming entries in the naming field in the encoder settings... while still showing the previous profiles naming setting greyed out. This is confusing.

    3) Also, is there a way to have batch ripper (based on a profile setting) forget about trying to find meta data? I regularly rip personally created CDs that have no metadata and it's frustrating to have my client's MP3s tagged with random metadata.

    Any help in clarifying this greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Inconsistent Naming Parameters and any way to remove metadata?

    Try [tag]CDDB_ID[]

    The cue encoder uses its own naming string.

    You can uncheck all the metadata providers and no metadata will be read from the internet.

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