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Thread: dbpoweramp ripping CD's by unwary user

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    dbpoweramp ripping CD's by unwary user

    I used dbpoweramp to 'rip' an approx. 500 CD set and have found that the (flac) filenames associated with the songs on many of the CDs is incorrect and is offset or wrapped in some way which varies from CD rip to CD rip.
    In addition some of the Tag Data is incorrect. I used the free version of dbpoweramp to do this operation. I would like to know from the forum the best way to fix my problem as it is described.
    For example, should I purchase the dbpoweramp version which allows me to edit (unwrap or untangle) the Tag data? If the purchase version allows me to untangle the WinDOS filenames that would be fantastic. Otherwise, this seems like a daunting task
    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Re: dbpoweramp ripping CD's by unwary user

    Seems odd that dbpa would mess up 500 CDs. Also not sure what you mean by "wrapped". dbpa doesn't wrap anything. Seems like your music server/player doesn't like the length of some names. What did you set as your naming string in the lower left side of the ripper screen (naming, then click SET to the right of this)? I suspect a player issue vs dbpa. Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

    In any case, if the metadata tags are correct, you can create folders/subfolders and file names to be anything you want using the "Arrange Audio" utility DSP for dbpa. You would do a batch conversion of all your files, creating the naming string you want it to use. It can create names based on tag info in any way you want and reorganize/move files as well to the right folders. Play with this a bit to get the outcome you want (that is, don't do all 500 at once only to find out you may have set something wrong).

    edit: you mention a 500 CD set. Is this a giant classical box set. Classical naming is very challenging and requires a lot of manual editing on the front end in many cases. And the track names, etc. can be extremely long, thus the "wrapped" file names and probably some cutoff filenames (too long for windows or Mac to recognize)? I use something like this as my naming string to make sure names are not too long.

    [MAXLENGTH]240,[IFCOMP]Compilations\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track] - [title] - [artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track] - [title][][]
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    Re: dbpoweramp ripping CD's by unwary user

    >untangle the WinDOS filenames

    Sounds like something is only showing the short filenames such as 'NewO~3.fla'

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