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I have a top level "Music" folder. Then underneath I have two folders: FLAC and LOSSY. Within each of those two folders I have folder for ARTIST (or ALBUM ARTIST), then underneath that I have a folder for ALBUM. So for example:

music/FLAC/The Beatles/Abbey Road
then the Abbey Road files are in that "Abbey Road" folder.

The only exception is for my Compilation/Various Artists albums. There is no "artist" folder. So all of these are in a single folder called Compilations, with subfolders for each album. For example, consider the various artist CD called "Opera Goes to the Movies"

music/FLAC/Compilations/Opera Goes to the Movies/....
Thanks, garym. So exactly the same as what Iím doing, except I have a "Various Artists" folder instead of "Compilations". My "Lossless" folder only contains FLAC files, so I might change the name to "FLAC" (or change the "MP3" folder name to "Lossy", just so things match up).

I was thinking about having alphabetical folders above the artist folder, but I suppose thatís only really necessary for huge libraries of music. For example:

Music/Lossless/B/The Beatles/Abbey Road

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Regarding creating mp3 and FLAC simultaneously, yes dbpa has ability to do that. Instead of setting "encoder" to, say, FLAC, set it to "Multiencoder". But then within that you need to setup the naming string, etc. and other settings for each of the codecs you'll use in multiencoder (e.g., FLAC and mp3).
OK, I donít think Iíll bother then. It sounds like more trouble than itís worth as I donít really need the mp3s anyway.