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Thread: [De-Dupe] Differentiation Using Tags like ITUNESADVISORY

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    [De-Dupe] Differentiation Using Tags like ITUNESADVISORY

    My music library is a collection of M4A files (a combination of lossy AAC and Apple Lossless), and contains a mix of "Explicit" and "Clean" tracks with some songs being available in both "versions".

    De-Dupe has a difficulty "a problem" with the differentiation of these, often detecting these two versions as duplicates. I'm assuming this is because most of the audio content would be the same with the exception of the "sanatised" phrases.

    Now, I have my file names based in the format of "<Disc Number> - <Track Number> - <Title>" and am tending to not add "(Clean)", "(Explicit)" to the track title, in favour of using dedicated tags like ITUNESADVISORY. AS such, file name differentiation by De-Dupe wouldn't work (for me) either.

    Would it not be possible to add a symbol of some kind to the De-Dupe window to represent tags like ITUNESADVISORY in officially supported file formats?

    If not, how else would you propose I work around this scenario?

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    Re: [De-Dupe] Differentiation Using Tags like ITUNESADVISORY

    There is no easy way to do this except for each one to look at the files it flags and ignore the duplicate with [x]

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