I've setup favorites on mConnect HD to allow direct access to Albums/[All Albums].

However, I have 3 instances of Asset UPnP running and the favorite folders all show up as the same name:
[All Albums]
[All Albums]
[All Albums]

So I don't know which one is which.

OK, this may be an mConnect issue, but wouldn't there be anyway to add a distinguishing string directly in Asset UPnP?
[All Albums] - instance*2

Better even: actually, the reason why I've been running into this issue is that I could not find a way to have direct access to All Albums from the top level. (I've looked at the various Browse Tree options.) I like Asset UPnP's ability to browse the tree in many different ways, but sometimes you just want see all albums without thinking too much. And my family certainly seems to want to do that.

Or am I missing something?