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Thread: Content not showing up on LG

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    Aug 2012

    Content not showing up on LG

    I'm having a problem with Asset UPnP and my LG Smart TV.
    The Asset UPnP server shows and I select it. Then it tries to find any content but gives up without any result after some time.
    If I do the same on my smartphone using BubbleUPnP the content shows up more or less immediately.
    Using Serviio on the TV also finds the content.

    The TV is connected by cable to my main router.
    The phone is connected by Wifi to a router connected to the same main router as the TV.
    Asset UPnP is running on a Windows 10 computer connected by cable to the same WiFi router as the smartphone.
    Checking the IP addresses everything seems to be on the same subnet.

    What may be wrong?

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    Re: Content not showing up on LG

    Have you configured asset or the settings are all default?

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    Aug 2012

    Re: Content not showing up on LG

    This is embarrassing. I just discovered that I was looking in the 'Photos and Videos' category on the TV, not 'Music'. That explains it all.

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