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Thread: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

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    Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7 offers many new features and a new database design to overcome previous issues with more than 5 artists/genres/etc for a single track.

    Windows Vista is the minimum supported version for the Windows line of Asset (XP no more), also the Windows Home Server versions will not be updated any more for the same reasons.

    Changed license model so no free version

    When purchasing new licenses, there is now a Universal platform option, instead of single platforms, also the new license allows installation on 5 platforms.

    Existing Asset license owners can upgrade to the 5 platform / multi-platform license by follow the offer link on their Asset download page.

    Full Change Log

    New database design, unlimited multiple artists, genres, etc
    Changed license model so no free version

    Added support for 'Work', 'Movement Name' and 'Movement Number' (itunes classical tags), can browse by Work, and will replace title with Movement Name and Track number with Movement Number.
    New browse tree item: Additional\Composer / Work\Work
    Added Frequency and channels to default browse tree
    Album art if larger than 2000x2000 then scaled to 2000x2000 (for speed and compatibility)
    Added composer supplied in Didl
    uMediaLibrary: cleaned up picture handling (webp is now supported),
    better integrity of filenamehash stuff - save in mid scan so it resumes where it died last time
    For control points which use Search to do album listings, the track order is based on track number
    New option on by default 'Album defined by folder' this means an album is unique to its folder it resides in
    Added crash reporter
    Added new possible browse tree item 'Album By Release (INV)' for an inverted listing, newest releases first
    Updated DSF and DFF presentation to audio/dsd (which Sony require)
    Codecs support HTTPS streaming (internet radio requires)Search speed optimizations
    Multi Artists and Album Artists supplied as Artist1; Artist2 (as nothing adheres to the correct standard)
    Browsing File & Folder will show upstream art now for all folders
    Returns object.container for many dynamic folders to ensure track listing with art
    Adds upstream art to 'Top Artists' entry
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    Re: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7.1 OSX, Linux, QNAP, Synology

    Support Apple M1 natively.
    Fixed missing covers if found picture file was in format other than JPEG (PNG, WebP or other).
    Fixed various R7 regressions in Mac UI. Editing browse tree now works.
    Made editing of browse tree bump the UPnP update ID, if some control point relies on it for caching.
    Correct handling of Unicode input in web interface fields.
    Limited support for playlists written by Windows programs. Asset now tries to find a matching local folder (among apparent network shares) if your M3U/PLS playlists reference files by \\servername\sharename .
    Multiple internet radio issues fixed.
    Fixed AAC ADTS files not being decoded correctly.
    Updated to newer QPKG build tool.
    Re-added style database field for new installations.
    Fixed special folders such as Synology's @eaDir not being hidden in Folders & Filename Browsing

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    Re: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7.2 OSX, Linux, QNAP, Synology

    Added support for Synology DSM7 beta - separate SPK package provided as DSM7 is not compatible with packages for DSM6 and older.
    Fixed a regression in LAME build config that resulted in live LAME MP3 encoding not working on certain Linux configurations, in particular QNAP and possibly other NASes.
    Fixed incompatibility with some HTTPS radio stations.
    Enabled live MP3 encoding capability in 32-bit ARM build.
    Added reading of .gif and .bmp external album cover files.
    Fixed bad decoding of specific rare .bmp files.
    Refreshed troubleshooting page, can no longer view logs when logging is off.
    Improved feedback when trying to add a folder that Asset has no permissions to read.
    Resolved incompatibility with BubbleUPnP, causing some 320kbps MP3 files to be shown as 40kbps in BubbleUPnP.

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    Re: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7.3 OSX, Linux, QNAP, Synology

    Fixed incorrectly declared 'style' field in default database fields.
    Made possible to manipulate user upstream images via web configuration - read more...
    Made playlist folders scanned non-recursively, per documentation.
    You can add sub-folders of a playlist folder if you wish sub-folders to be included.
    Now allows image formats other than PNG for user upstream images.
    Fixed missing A-to-Z grouping in 'Title' view under certain circumstances.
    Fixed slow startup on smaller nases

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    Re: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7.4 OSX, Linux, QNAP, Synology, Pi/ARM

    Additional options for preloading custom images to memory, to work around poor performance on Raspberry Pi with slow SD cards
    Mac: dropped configuration dialogs; web browser configuration interface is used instead (same as on Linux). By default, the configuration page can only be accessed from your Mac, not from other devices on your network.
    Improved custom image loading performance.
    Changed behavior of Internet Radio "as-is single"; direct radio stream URLs are now served instead of streams bounced from Asset.
    Corrected failure to play specific radio stations.
    Made possible to export a .tar backup of custom images and restore it.
    Updated Monkey's Audio decoder to version 7.33.
    Updates FLAC decoder to version 1.3.4.
    Mac: New DMG template.
    Fixed erratic behaviors with M3U playlists that begin with UTF-8 BOM sequence.
    Fixed handling of HTTPS links in user-supplied M3U playlists.
    Mac: Restored support for auto-mounting of network shares (newly added folders would not auto mount, ones added with versions prior to 7.4 beta still worked correctly).
    Mac config regression fix. Other versions unchanged.
    Implemented A-to-Z with filesystem browsing.
    New smarter sorting algorithm.
    Smarter handling of multi disc albums with "album defined by folder" option.
    Now showing user-specified database fields in dropdown lists when editing browse tree.
    Fixed played tracks not being reliably added to recently played list depending on player behaviors.
    Fixed no search results for albums by artist, albums by genre, etc.
    Apple Lossless decoding overflow fix.
    Enabled decoding of WavPack files with DSD.
    Added latest version checks.
    Improved handling of M3U playlists using Windows style paths with back slashes.

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    Re: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Windows R7.4

    Version bumped to 7.4 to match other platforms
    Workaround for bubbleupnp bitrate display bug
    FillBrowseTreeOptions added user database fields
    New uMediaLibrary HashPathFromFileName() logic, better handling of multi disc albums vs album defined by folder
    Show items without year/date tagging under "album by release"
    Compare Natural for sorting
    Refactored AtoZ implementation, implemented for filesystem browsing
    Disable by default presenting of .mpc to Linn Kazoo, it's broken on their end horribly
    Style Added back to indexed fields in database
    Added transparant asset image
    DSF supported in Wavpack

    Bug Fix: Fixed non-working debug logging on Windows
    Bug Fix: uMediaLibrary quit-while-scanning crash fix
    Bug Fix: Fixed container cache poisoning by LG TV SimpleBrowse hacks
    Bug Fix: 'Title' A-to-Z no longer disappears
    Bug Fix: Radio stations which were .m3u but had extra designation on url would fail
    Bug Fix: Fixed search for albums by various artists
    Bug Fix: Reimplemented container search, fixed search-for-albums-by-artist etc

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